Monthly Newsletter


April, 2018

Dear Parent(s),

Spring has begun quite nicely as we begin our last few months of school.  Your children have grown tremendously and we have a lovely little class community, where children play and learn together very happily.  

Just a reminder that our school yard is still wet and muddy with springtime and students require extra socks and clothes for yard accidents.

We continue to discuss Easter and the joy of the risen Lord.   It is a special time of prayer and celebration in the life of the Catholic Church and an important focus for our classroom.

As for our Great Grade One’s, here’s what to look forward to in April:

Religion:  we continue to reflect on the Resurrection of Jesus and the beautiful story of Easter.  We focus on when we rise like Jesus by being loving and caring for others.

Math:  we will continue with linear measurement and then begin a unit of study on geometry

Science:  we will begin a unit of study on the parts of a plant and plant growth in the environment, also we discuss Earth day and our role as Catholic Christians to care for the environment

Social Studies:  studying our community environment

Language:  we continue to work on punctuation, ending a sentence rather than using ‘and’ to join our thoughts and to carry on writing.  

God bless and wishing you the joy of the Easter season.

Mrs. Bekking