Ms. Horst's Class

Welcome to Mrs Horst's Grade 3 Class 

Upcoming Events -  Indoor Soccer will be starting in January for Grade 2 and 3
Religion - We celebrate our community.  We try to find ways to help. Beatitudes.  
Oral - Listening for various purposes and participating in discussion. Speaking to the class in a loud clear voice, using correct posture
Reading - Students should read for a minimum of 15 minutes a day at home.  Story retells  
Book bags - Book Bags will start this week. Parents sign the book log each time they read for a maximum of 7 times per week.  If a student reads for a longer time on each day it's still only one signature. 
Congratulations to those students who have read 50 books this year so far:  Kalia, Maxx, Emma, Luke, Austin, Addy, Alana, Lilyan, Kolby, Miles, Hayley, Cooper, Gloria
Congratulations to those students who have read 100 books or more:  Addy, Lilyan
Writing - Home Journal.  Letter writing.  Retells.
Spelling - Week of January 22 - mine, price, write, right, high, child, climb, kind, inside, lies
Math ‚Äč- Measurement - Time and Temperature
Science - Growth and Change in plants and Soil - We are working on a slide show, "Science Report".  Students will be presenting their slide shows in January.
Library Day:  Thursday
Social Studies:  Communities in Canada between 1780 and 1850.  Students will work on research projects in January about various aspects of Early Settler life. Early Settler Brochures will be due in the next week or so.
Students in our class:
Addison, Alana, Austin, Cooper, Emma, Gloria, Hayley, Jayla, Kalia, Kolby, Lily, Lilyan, Luke, Marco, Maxx, Miles, Raydon, Sofia, Will