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Note of the Week for: April 23rd to 27th
Congratulations to the students who made their First Communion this past weekend.  May God bless you always.  All of the students have been working hard on their Country Research project on Google Slides.  Please have your child log on to Google at home to show you their wonderful work!  Slideshow presentations are happening Thursday April 26th.  Poem choices are due on Monday April 23rd (please send in a copy to school) and presented on Monday April 30th.  Thank you for your continued support with our Grade 2 program.  Wonderful things are  happening here and I am so proud of my students!  A reminder that Friday April 27th is a PA Day (no classes).

Here are some of our upcoming April events in the classroom (details will follow accordingly): 

-Global Communities: Students will be completing a research "Country Slideshow" research project due April 26th

-Poetry Festival: Students will choose a poem and present to the class on April 30th;  2 students per class will be chosen to recite their poem during Catholic Education week on May 8th

-We are doing 2-digit addition (with and without regrouping). Any additional practise at home would benefit my students

Please sign and return Home Journals and Home Reading Folders on Monday each week.

Please remember to sign your child's agenda daily.

Keep up to date by checking on this website and also signing up for the Remind Me App!

Here are a few reminders about our classroom:

Remind Me App: If you haven't already, sign up for my reminders and notifications.  If you need the code again, please let me know.

Agendas:  Please read and sign everyday  as this is where all the important notes and newsletters are found.  I sign daily as well. 

Secret word of the week is "passport"

Upcoming Events:

Sat. April 21st: 1st Communion for GSH at St. Mary's Church at 5pm Mass
Mon. April 23rd: Poem choice due (please send in copy to school)
Tues. April 24th: Easter Mass at school
Thurs. April 26th: Country Project/Google Slideshow presentations due
  Sibling Photo Day here at school
Fri. April 27th: P.A. Day (no classes)
Mon. April 30th: Poetry in-class Presentations
May 7th to 11th: Catholic Education Week 

Spelling Words: Week #25 (week of April 23rd to 27th)

No spelling this week due to Country presentations (April 26) and Poem presentations (April 30th).  Thanks.