Monthly Newsletter
Happy 2018, Parents of these Wonderful Grade Ones and Terrific Grade Twos!

I hope you are all having a peaceful holiday season and are enjoying the time with your awesome children.  All this snow makes it apparent that winter is here!  Highlights from December include our beautiful concert at St. Mary's Church, together with all the feeder schools.  It was so lovely to hear the children sing in such a perfect location to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We also were happy to hear them sing their hearts out at the school's Christmas Concert!  Mr. Tanguay led us later in the month in an afternoon of Christmas carols, much to the students' delight.  We truly appreciated Nico’s mom and Timmy’s grandparents coming in to teach us about their Christmas traditions in Ukraine and Poland.  We were also happy to hear from parents who took time to write traditions for their children to share with the class.  Thank you so much for your generous donations during Christmas Cheer that enabled so many less fortunate people in our community to enjoy the holidays.  We certainly are blessed to have such a caring group!

Looking forward to this month in: 

Religion, we will celebrate the arrival of the Magi, and investigate how the Eucharist deepens our relationship with Jesus.

Math, we will continue with money and reviewing different strategies in adding and subtracting numbers.  We will create graphs and read information provided in them, then begin our unit on geometry. We continue to graph the weather and do our calendar activities daily to support our number sense.

Language, spelling starts this month!  We will write our weekly words in our agenda, make sentences with these words focusing on capitals and periods, and put the words in alphabetical order.  We will continue to practice our Wordwall words in our everyday writing and review strategies when we come upon unfamiliar words when reading. Our reading groups will continue and, as the month goes on, we will introduce Readers' Theatre to increase fluency and expression.

Science, the Grade Ones will continue with Needs and Characteristics of Living Things while the Grade Twos are working on their unit entitled Growth and Changes in Animals.  They will begin to research their chosen animal and write a report on it.

Social Studies, Science will be our focus during January.

Please ensure your child is reading for at least 20 minutes nightly and understands what has been read.  As always, thank you so much for your support at home!  Here's to a peaceful and joyful 2018!

Yours in learning,

K. Lapierre