Mrs. Bekking's SK/1 Class

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Nurturing God's Family

“. . . you are members of the household of God.” Eph 2:19

Every year, our board chooses a spiritual theme, which serves as our inspiration and spiritual focus. The theme for the 2015-16 school year is Nurturing God’s Family.

We are all part of God’s family – brothers and sisters who are loved by God our father. We are called to value and honor the role of family in our lives, whether it is our global family, church family, board family or those who are closest to us. The role of the family is to nurture. When we nurture something, we are encouraging its growth and development. We care for people so that they can become who God created them to be,helping them to grow and develop their unique abilities. We will see our theme come alive throughout the school year as we continue to build and nurture loving communities.


Our student social justice club is asking for small change donations to support water cleaning initiatives in Haiti.  Bless and thank you for supporting this excellent initiative.

Home reading has begun books are exchanged every Monday only-please read the note in the Home Reading folder.

Our Week at a Glance:

Monday/Wednesday:  French with Mr. Tanguay

Tuesday/Thursday:  The Arts with Mrs. Martin

Alternate Fridays: The Arts and French

Our Library time is Friday, children have the books for one week, until the following Friday.

Grade 1 Spelling Words:

The words will be given out on Mondays and the students will have a quiz on Fridays (except if there is a P.A. Day; then, the quizzes will be on Thursdays). Please review these words with your child during the week.‚Äč

***The words for the week are: that   there   coming  work  playing
Words for the week of May 8: once  time  last  be   this
Quiz books will be sent home every Friday for parent signature, please sign and return your child's spelling quiz book every Monday.


Mrs. Bekking's class May 2017:


Mrs. Bekking's special helpers for April:

  1-Burke           2-Keara           3-Olivia G      4-Timmy          5-Devin
  8-Jordan         9-Vanessa     10-Olivia M.  11-Henry          12-Sarah
15-Maddie        16-Luka          17-Max         18-Emma          19-Colton
22-Holiday       23-Ali              24-Alex         25-Carter          26-Adriano
29-Angel          30-Burke        31-Keara

Click on these fun websites to practise:


Letter Sounds

Match Upper & Lower Case

Word Families

It's Fun to Read

I'm Reading

Connect the Dots

I Can Spell!

Spelling Practise


Counting 1-5

Counting 1-10

Balloon Pop Numbers 1-10

Balloon Pop Numbers 1-20

Find the Missing Number with Curious George

Put the Numbers in Order

Adding Vegetables

Addition Pictures


Directional Words with Dr. Seuss

Shapes with Dr. Seuss

Geometric Shapes with Dr. Seuss

3-D Shape Matching

2-D and 3-D Sorting


Counting Pennies

How Much Money? (pennies&nickels)

How Much Do I Have? (all coins)


Telling Time to the Hour

Click the Same Time

Time Keeper


Fill in the missing number

Pop the balloon

Fast Fishies