Monthly Newsletter


June 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to June, how quickly the year has flow by. Just a reminder that it is helpful in this warm weather for your child to have a refillable water bottle that can be used throughout the day.

Our Kindergarten Graduation is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 at 1:30 p.m. in the gym.  Your children have grown so much this year, come and enjoy this wonderful celebration!!

Our school areas of interest for this month are Father's day and summer safety and activities.

As for our Awesome Grade One’s, here’s what to look forward to in June:

Religion:  we reflect on the many bible readings of God's miracles and parables that we have read over the year.  We also prepare ourselves to continue to work on getting to know God through our love and kind actions with others.

Math:  we will begin a unit on comparing objects by terms such as wider, shorter, taller, longer, colder, hotter.  Then we will review many concepts taught throughout the year.

Science:  we continue with our unit of study on the life cycle of plants and a study of nature around us

Social Studies:  we continue to study our community environment and to discuss the community helpers, their place and importance in our community

Language:  we are discussing the importance of writing 4 or 5 sentences for a journal entry or piece of directed writing.  Many students still need a reminder to finger space between words and use an uppercase letter at the beginning of a sentence and a period to indicate the end.

God bless, 

Mrs. Bekking