Monthly Newsletter

March 2017

Dear Parent(s),

Well, we have certainly had an interesting winter and we are looking forward to hopefully welcoming the spring soon.  With the spring though, comes wet and mucky weather.  Just a reminder to make certain your child has extra socks, mittens and a change of clothes just in case of a weather accident.

Also, please ensure that your child has extra snacks and drinks; refillable water bottles would be helpful as children are thirsty throughout the day.

During the month of March we begin our Lenten journey leading up to the celebration of Easter in April.  We will focus on our spiritual life as we try to pray more to grow closer to Jesus during Lent.  Also, our class has decided to give up ‘complaining’ as an extra act of love during the time of Lent as we try to show how we want to be more like Jesus.  After March we will begin a theme on spring and all the new life we see around us.

Throughout Lent we will make many visits to our chapel for Lenten prayer.  Lately, we have learned many new songs.  Ask your children to sing ‘God’s not Dead’ and ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and to share the signing actions with you.

As for our wonderful ‘Ones’,

they continue to progress and impress in all areas:

Religion:  we focus on Lent and our journey with Jesus towards Easter

Math:  we will continue our unit on number patterns and begin a measurement unit

Language:  we continue to explore characters of a story and their point of view, as well as discussing the difference between fiction and non-fiction.  Students are encouraged to be writing more - 4 or 5 sentences.   

Social Studies:  continue with mapping and discussing the environment that surrounds us and our country Canada

Science:  continue with energy in our lives

I hope you all enjoy the March Break.

God Bless,

Mrs. M-H Bekking