Useful Links
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Christmas Word Search


Captials and More
Punctuation Games
Parts of Speech

Math Sites:


Funbrain Patterning
Drum Patterning
pbs kids patterning
Number Patterns
Super Problem Solving Site

Place Value:

Place Value Word Problem
Place Value Gr 4


Rounding to the nearest 10
Rounding to the nearest 100
Rounding to the nearest 1000
Space Rounding Game

Math Facts:

Comparing Numbers
Fact Families
Addition Matching
Alien Addition


Matching shapes with names
Fit the Robot in the suitcase
Covering shapes with tangrams
Describing 3-D shapes
Sides, Edges, Faces, Vertices
Guess the net


Slides, rotations, reflections game
Key game
Choose a game!


Loads of Multiplication games
Even More Multiplication games
Winter Colouring Fun
Christmas Multiplying game
Snowball Multiplying


Reading Graphs
Reading Graphs 2
Find the Dinosaur
Feed the Bug


Tell the Time
Match the time
Clock Shoot (Choose Level 3)


Count the Money (Click "Canadian money" on the left)
Make a Money Sheet
Making Change
Money Master
Make Change for the Farmer


Jelly Golf
Lots of Fractions Games 


Find the length of the red bar
Choose the better measurement
Math Frog
Compare units of length

Number Patterns:

Crack the Code
Introduction to pattern rules
Pattern Chomper

Code Game


Introduction Game
Fish Tank
Trip to the Fair
Probability Pond
Pulling Objects from a Bag
Probability Spinner
Ball Choosing Machine


Strong Shapes
Forces and Materials
Different Types of Bridges
Forces (takes a long time but it's fun Please note:*The start looks like an ad but it's not

Soil School
SK Worm Answers Questions
What's Your Soil IQ?
The Dirt on Soil

Grade 4s

Awesome Pulleys
Alien Light Game (takes a long time but it's fun!)
Fun Mermaid Sound Game   (like the Light game)
"Sounds great"
A Look at Light

Habitats - it's NEW!!
Great Habitat site!

Rocks and Minerals Game
Loads of Links to Rocks and Minerals!
Rocks and Minerals Quiz
Rock Identification Game
The Rock Cycle
Dig into Geology

Social Studies Sites:

Match the Province
Flying Provinces
Place the Provinces & Territories
See more about all the provinces & territories
Link to Learning - Early Settlers
Early Settler Game - fun!
List of games Early Settler Children Played
Link to Learning - Medieval Times

More Interesting Sites:

More Space
Galaxies Galore
Earth Rangers
Hydro Games