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Note of the Week for: February 27th to March 3rd 
This week marks the beginning of Lent as we celebrate Pancake Tuesday and Ash Wednesday with activities planned at the school.  We also have the Rosary Team visiting this week.  We have been increasing our "Technology Time" also by using the Chromebooks in class more often to explore math, language and science activities.  A reminder to send in your permission forms and money for our upcoming "The Wiz" play field trip... thanks!  

Here you will find information about upcoming events, classroom routines and a weekly spelling list.  Please check back weekly for important information and upcoming events.

A reminder to please sign the agenda daily
... and I sign also in class.  This is where notes can be written, questions asked and any additional information from the teacher is placed.

Secret word of the week is "syrup"

Upcoming Events:

Tues. Feb. 28th: Pancake Tuesday for the school
Wed. March 1st: Ash Wednesday liturgy
Mon. March 6th: Crazy Tuque day (winter hat day)
Tues. March 7th: PJ Day
Wed. March 8th: Blue and Gold day (school colours)
Thurs. March 9th: Winter Carnaval day at GSH (wear Red and White)
Fri. March 10th: Green day for St. Patrick's day
March 13th to 17th: March Break!

Spelling words for the week of Feb. 27th to Mar. 3rd

Grade 2 words:

1) more

2) store

3) stand

4) star

5) blew

6) flew

7) new

8) stone

9) sting

10) ring

Grade 3 words: 

1) wanted

2) light

3) started

4) night

5) decided

6) fight

7) right

8) few

9) many

10) plant