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Note of the Week for: February 19th to 23rd

Olympic research sheets came home on Thursday; please review them with your child to see if there are any areas they still need to fill in.  The website is on the attached note.  We will continue with the next part of our project Tuesday at school.
Please return on Tuesday the following items so that we are prepared for our week:

1) Olympic research sheet reviewed
2) Home Reading Folder
3) Home Journal (signed please)

Report cards come home on Wednesday, February 21st.

Enjoy your family day weekend!

Please sign and return Home Journals and Home Reading Folders on Monday each week.

Please remember to sign your child's agenda daily.

Keep up to date by checking on this website and also signing up for the Remind Me App!

Here are a few reminders about our classroom:

Remind Me App: If you haven't already, sign up for my reminders and notifications.  If you need the code again, please let me know.

Agendas:  Please read and sign everyday  as this is where all the important notes and newsletters are found.  I sign daily as well. 

Secret word of the week is "family"

Upcoming Events:

Tues. Feb. 20th: Return reviewed Olympic project research sheet
Wed. Feb. 21st: Report Cards go home

Spelling Words: Week #18 (week of Feb. 19th to 23rd)

1. her

2. girl

3. turn

4. hurt

5. were

6. card

7. part

8. start

9. are

10. first

Challenge words: next, finally