Mrs. Fobert's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Fobert's Grade 2 and 3 Class Website!
Note of the Week for: January 16th-20th

Your child will be bringing home his or her "Home Journal" for you to read and sign. There is a note explaining this process so please check in the agenda for it.  Also the school newsletter has been sent home with the family courier that includes upcoming dates and events.  Enjoy your week!

Here you will find information about upcoming events, classroom routines and a weekly spelling list.  Please check back weekly for important information and upcoming events.

A reminder to please sign the agenda daily
... and I sign also in class.  This is where notes can be written, questions asked and any additional information from the teacher is placed.

Secret word of the week is "cube".

Upcoming Events:

Spelling words for the week of Jan. 16th-20th

Grade 2 words:    

1) boat

2) coat

3) float

4) long

5) along

6) belong

7) paw

8) fawn

9) tall

10) wall

Grade 3 words:

1) someone

2) sure

3) everyone

4) sky

5) everybody

6) use

7) fly

8) myself

9) try

10) rainbow