Ms. Horst's Class

Welcome to Mrs Horst's Grade 3 Class 

Upcoming Events -  Christmas Concert - December 12, at 6:30
Religion - We celebrate our community.  We try to find ways to help.   
Oral - Listening for various purposes and participating in discussion. Speaking to the class in a loud clear voice, using correct posture
Reading - Students should read for a minimum of 15 minutes a day at home.  Story retells  
Book bags - Book Bags will start this week. Parents sign the book log each time they read for a maximum of 7 times per week.  If a student reads for a longer time on each day it's still only one signature. 
Congratulations to those students who have read 50 books this year so far:  Kalia, Maxx, Emma, Luke, Austin, Addy, Alana, Lilyan, Kolby, Miles, Julia, 
Writing - Home Journal.  Letter writing.  Retells.
Spelling - Dec 4 - grass, trip, crawl, frost, travel, friend, ground, crowd, trace, grandmother
Math ‚Äč- Counting (ongoing).  Geometry - acute, obtuse and right angles.  Properties of 2D shapes.  Vocabulary - Equilateral (figure with all sides equal), Polygon (closed sided figure with no curved sides), triangle 3 sides, quadrilateral - 4 sides, pentagon - 5 sides, hexagon - 6 sides, octagon, 8 sides  
Science - Growth and Change in plants and Soil
Library Day:  Thursday
Social Studies:  Communities in Canada between 1780 and 1850.
Students in our class:
Addison, Alana, Austin, Cooper, Emma, Gloria, Hayley, Jayla, Julia, Kalia, Kolby, Lily, Lilyan, Luke, Marco, Maxx, Miles, Raydon, Sofia, Will