Ms. Horst's Class

Welcome to Mrs Horst's Grade 3 Class 


Congratulations to students who have read 200 books this year:  Favour
Congratulations to students who have read 100 books this year so far:
Hayden, Lauren and Favour, Cara, Julia, Aleck, Kendra, Nicole, Ethan, Selina, Kamryn, Hudson, Alicia

Religion - We are talking about the 7 sacraments.  We also have talked about lent and the Easter Story.
Oral - Listening for various purposes and participating in discussion. Speaking to the class in a loud clear voice, using correct posture
Reading - Students should read for a minimum of 15 minutes a day at home.   We are reading "The One and Only Ivan" with our grade 7 reading buddies.
Honour Role -  Readers who have read 50 books so far this year:
Aleck, Nicole, Cara, Julia, Joseph, Kamryn, Selina, Ethan, Alicia, Hudson, Katie, Nick, Sheldyn
Students who have read 100 books this year - Hayden, Lauren, Favour, Kendra, Cara, Julia, Nicole, Ethan, Selina, Kamryn, Abby Readers who have read 200 books this year:  Favour, Lauren, Aleck
Book bags - Book Bags will start this Thursday. Please bring them each Thursday.  Parents sign the book log each time they read for a maximum of 7 times per week.  If a student reads for a longer time on each day it's still only one signature. 
Writing - Poetry and Home Journal
Spelling -  Week of May 1st - cart, forget, return, first, afternoon, hurt, airport, hard, morning, north
Math ‚Äč- Measurement - Multiplying and dividing
Science - We will being doing soil at the end of term 2
Library Day:  Thursday
Social Studies:  Early Settlers to Canada
Students in our class:

Alicia Sofia Abby Aleck Favour Lukas Selina Ethan Kamryn Miley
Lauren Nicholas Dayton Sheldyn          Hayden Cara Hudson Nicole             Joseph Julia Kendra Katie Victoria