Ms. Lapierre Grade 1 and 2
Welcome to Our Grade One and Two Webpage! 

Calendar for the Week of Jan. 16th-20th
Monday       Spelling begins    Pizza Day   RETURN WEEKLY BOOKBAG
Tuesday        Bookbags go home
Wednesday   Library Day  Sub Day  
Thursday      Pizza Day  New Pizza orders begin   
Friday           Spelling Test   Nicholyn Lunches 

Upcoming Events in January and February:

2nd   Our Rosary Friend visits
14th  Valentine's Dance
17th  Earth Rangers Presentation
20th  Family Day!!
22nd  Report cards go home

went    can    all    one    two

Weekly Share Days

Mondays          Jayla          Landenz     Raydon     David
Tuesdays          Braeden     Ella            Liam         Kaleb
Wednesdays     Nathan       Miles          Hadley
Thursdays        Molly          Raina         Erika
Fridays             Liliana        Samantha   Luke         Denali

Weekly Challenge:   Check out our new GRAPHING games!!

Click on these fun links to practise your skills!


Letter Sounds
Word Families
It's Fun to Read
I'm Reading
Connect the Dots
I Can Spell!
Spelling Practise

Balloon Pop Numbers 1-10
Balloon Pop Numbers 1-20
Find the Missing Number with Curious George
Put the Numbers in Order
Writing Numbers
Ten Frames
More Ten Frames

Ten Frames Up to 99

Find the Dog Bone in the 100s Chart
One Hundred Chart Game

Shoot to Make 10
Cards to Add to 10
Connect to Make 10
Number Bonds


Moon Rock Patterns
Continue the Pattern
Border Pattern
Super Hero Patterns

Telling Time to the Hour
Click the Same Time - Beginner
Click the Same Time - Advanced
Time Keeper
Stop the Clock!
Match the Time - Beginner
Match the Time - Advanced

Coin Values
Count Nickels and Dimes
How Much Money Do I Have   (Click on Canada on the left)
Money Master
Peter Pig's Money Counter

Graphing                                 <---------  HERE THEY ARE!!

Fuzz Bugs

Graph and Tally Practise
Tally Mark Game
Different Graphs
Zoo Tally
Fruit Fall


Animal Classification
Animal Classification Game
Another Fun Classification Game
Click the Animals
Click and Drag to Sort
Warm Blooded and Cold Blooded Animals
Where Do The Plants and Animals Belong?