Monthly Newsletter

Dear Parents of these Wonderful Grade Ones and Terrific Grade Twos!

I was happy to hear everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Highlights from April include our daily Lentopoly challenges, acting out the Stations of the Cross in small groups after we watched the Grade Eights do a fantastic job in the gym and, of course, our Easter Mass.

Following Earth Week, our class is trying to make an effort to use reusable containers.  Thank-you for your support in teaching stewardship of the Earth to our upcoming generation!

Our Grade Twos will go on their trip to the SImcoe County Museum on May 16th then our whole class will visit Rounds Ranch on May 26th.  Both outings will be very informative and interesting!

Looking forward to this month in:

Religion, the Grade Twos will continue in their Reconciliation booklets and begin their First Communion work. Both classes will learn about how God calls us to grow in holiness.

Math, we continue to add and subtract using our knowledge of basic math facts including doubles.  Our focus will move to a brief review of geometry followed by data management during the month.

, it is amazing the reading progress made by your children!  Your home support is invaluable!  The students love to look at how their writing has changed since September, especially the length of their work.  We continue to read and write, with attention to editing for misplaced capitals and missing periods.  Many are using the Word Wall without reminders and can recognize the vowel sounds in most words.

Science, the Grade Ones will finish their Energy unit by making a musical instrument that creates sound while the Grade Twos will build boats to hold pennies for their Solids and Liquids culminating task.

Social Studies, the Grade Ones will work on Local Community Helpers and the Grade Twos will work on Global Communities.


Once again, thank-you for supporting your child's practising of the scripts and spelling words, as well as completing the bookbag work!  It is greatly appreciated.

Yours in learning,

K. Lapierre