Monthly Newsletter
Dear Parents of these Wonderful Grade Ones and Terrific Grade Twos!

I can't believe it's June already!  Your children have grown so much both academically and socially since September, you should be so proud of all their hard work.  Thank-you so much for all your home support, strengthening their skills in a very real way.

Our Grade Twos went on their trip to the Simcoe County Museum and had a great time exploring animals and came home with a cool bird whistle! Our whole class visited Rounds Ranch and thoroughly enjoyed the baby animals, the lessons on plants, and playing enthusiastically in the playground!

Looking forward to this month in:

Religion, we will focus on how God creates new life through the love of parents. 

Math, we will look at patterns as well as solving for the missing numbers in equations.  We will finish the year by investigating terminology that describes the likelihood of everyday events such as "likely" and "less likely".

, it is amazing the reading progress made by your children!  Your home support is invaluable!  The students love to look at how their writing has changed since September, especially the length of their work.  We continue to read and write, with attention to editing for misplaced capitals and missing periods.  Many are using the Word Wall without reminders and can recognize the vowel sounds in most words.

Science has concluded!

Social Studies, the Grade Ones are working in their Community Helpers booklets and are meeting many workers in the community that help us to meet our needs.  The Grade Twos are doing a fine job working on their Global Communities projects.

Once again, thank-you for supporting your child's practising of the scripts and spelling words, as well as completing the bookbag work!  It is greatly appreciated.

Yours in learning,

K. Lapierre