Monthly Newsletter


March 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

As you know, Lent is beginning in our Catholic faith and we will be exploring this sacred time in the classroom and at our school.  

We are hoping that spring will arrive early in March and with this, the wet weather comes with it.  Please ensure your child comes prepared for wet weather.  You may want to send in extra socks, mitts and an extra set of clothes just in case of a weather incident. 

The following is a list of learning goals for the following subjects this month:

Religion: Lent-Growing in Commitment, Preparing for Easter

Language: Poems/Songs of the Week, daily reading and writing, reading responses, group discussions, show and share, printing, word families.  We are also discussing the concept of main characters in a story and their feelings.  Students are encouraged to be writing 4 or 5 sentences 

Math: Number Patterns

Science: Energy its source and uses and discuss materials, objects and everyday structures

Social Studies: My Place in Canada, Mapping

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the March Break together!

Yours in Catholic Education,

Ms. Moore