Learning Model Change

Change of Learning Model
Posted on 10/15/2020

Elementary School Transition - Model of Learning

With the creation of our Virtual Elementary School, we let parents and caregivers know that there would be times during the year when they would be able to make a switch from face to face learning to the virtual classroom or vice versa.  We recognize the uncertainty and worry that families are facing as we seem to have entered a second wave of the COVID virus. 

Please complete the Application for Change in Learning Model 

All applications  must be received by Friday, October 23rd. Please note that we will do our very best to accommodate all student requests, however if the volume is significant it may require additional time for reorganization and staffing purposes. The effective date for the change of model of delivery will be November 18th once the Progress Reports have been completed.

Once the requests are received, a staff member will be in touch with further information.

There will NOT be another opportunity to switch learning models again until February 2021.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for virtual learning once the deadline of Friday, October 23rd has passed. Information will be sent to families in January for another opportunity to shift.  

We thank our families for their continued support and patience as we work through these ever changing circumstances. 

****Please complete this form ONLY if you wish to transition your child from one learning model to another. If multiple children in a household are transitioning, this form will need to be completed for EACH child.