Grade 4 Useful Links

 Useful Links

Click on these fun websites:

Christmas Word Search


Capitals and More
Punctuation Games
Parts of Speech

Math Sites:
Funbrain Patterning
Drum Patterning
PBS kids patterning
Number Patterns
Super Problem Solving Site

Place Value:
Place Value Word Problem
Place Value Gr 4


Rounding to the nearest 10
Rounding to the nearest 100
Rounding to the nearest 1000
Space Rounding Game

Math Facts:
Comparing Numbers
Fact Families
Addition Matching
Alien Addition

Matching shapes with names
Fit the Robot in the suitcase
Covering shapes with tangrams
Describing 3-D shapes
Sides, Edges, Faces, Vertices
Guess the net

Slides, rotations, reflections game
Key game
Choose a game!


Loads of Multiplication games
Even More Multiplication games
Winter Colouring Fun
Christmas Multiplying game
Snowball Multiplying


Reading Graphs
Reading Graphs 2
Find the Dinosaur
Feed the Bug


Tell the Time
Match the time
Clock Shoot (Choose Level 3)

Count the Money (Click "Canadian money" on the left)
Make a Money Sheet
Making Change
Money Master
Make Change for the Farmer

Jelly Golf
Lots of Fractions Games 
  (Start with this one's first game for now :)

Find the length of the red bar
Choose the better measurement
Math Frog
Compare units of length

Number Patterns:
Crack the Code
Introduction to pattern rules
Pattern Chomper

Code Game

Introduction Game
Fish Tank
Trip to the Fair
Probability Pond
Pulling Objects from a Bag
Probability Spinner
Ball Choosing Machine

Awesome Pulleys
Alien Light Game (takes a long time but it's fun!)
Fun Mermaid Sound Game   (like the Light game)
"Sounds great"
A Look at Light
Habitats - it's NEW!!
Great Habitat site!
Rocks and Minerals Game
Loads of Links to Rocks and Minerals!
Rocks and Minerals Quiz
Rock Identification Game
The Rock Cycle
Dig into Geology

Social Studies Sites:
Match the Province
Flying Provinces
Place the Provinces & Territories
See more about all the provinces & territories
Link to Learning - Early Settlers
Early Settler Game - fun!
List of games Early Settler Children Played
Link to Learning - Medieval Times

More Interesting Sites:
More Space
Galaxies Galore
Earth Rangers
Hydro Games