Ms. Moore's Grade One

               Welcome to our Grade One Webpage! 


Happy Birthday to:

Gemma: December 13
Sophie: December 23
Chris: December 26

Our week at a Glance:

Mondays and Wednesdays/Alternate Fridays: French with Mme. Bigras
Tuesdays and Thursdays/Alternate Fridays: Arts with Mr. French
Library: Wednesdays at 9:55-10:15 a.m.
Gym days are Mondays and Thursdays at 11:10-11:40 a.m.

Upcoming Dates:

December 1: Advent begins
December 2: Christmas Mass
December 11: Christmas Concert-please wear pajamas and Christmas socks! 
December 25: Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas

Spelling is beginning the week of December 2-6. Please see below for more details. 

  Home Reading Program has begun, please enjoy the books together and return the folders every Monday. 

Our Sharing Days:

We will begin our "Special Helper" activity in the classroom.  This allows each student the opportunity to be the leader in the classroom for a day, multiple times a year. Below, you will find a list of names for the month of  November. If a student is the "Special Helper," he/she can also "tell some news" to the class.  This is an opportunity for children to speak in class, and share things such as, photos, things you made, an item from a collection, special award, how to make or do something, poster from a trip etc.. 

Mon.       Tues.           Wed.         Thurs.         Fri.

9-Emery      10-Gabriel      11-Mia          12-Zadie              13-Hayden
16-Deaglan  17-Camilla   18-Leanna    19-Logan             20-Julia



Spelling will begin the first week of December.  We have weekly flashcard words to practise reading and spelling.   

The words will be given out on Mondays and the students will have a quiz on Fridays (except if there is a P.A. Day; then, the quizzes will be on Thursdays).  Please review these words with your child during the week as they will be printed in the agenda weekly. 

Quiz books will be sent home every Friday for parent signature, please sign and return your child's spelling quiz book every Monday. 

Spelling Words

December 9-13: an, at, and, am, a

We will continue working with these words this coming week due to the unbalanced  school schedule the week of December 2-6. 

Here are some websites to learn and enjoy!


Super Bouncy Blast

kip Counting by 2s
Fill in the missing number

Pop the balloon

Fast Fishies


Ten Frames

More Ten Frames

Ten Frames Up to 99

Adding to 10 with Pictures

Sums to 20

Shark Number

Writing Numbers

Writing Numbers to 100!

Find the Missing Number with Curious George

Adding Doubles
Robin Hood Doubles
Car Doubles

Matching Doubles


Telling Time to the Hour

Click the Same Time

Time Keeper

Stop the Clock!


Counting Pennies

How Much Do I Have? (all coins)

Count the Money (Click "Canadian money" on the left)

Money Master


Faces, Edges, Vertices

Pack the Robot

What Shape Am I?

More Faces, Edges, Vertices

Shape Games

More Shape Games


Bug Graphing

Catching Fish

Fruit Catch


Fish Find

Tens and Ones

Dinosaur Game


Bird Adding


Soccer adding one digit and one digit-easier

Soccer Adding with two digits-harder!

Adding Tens

Adding Fruit With Regrouping

Two Digit Adding Practise


Choose a Measuring Tool
Measuring for the Dinosaur Train
Fill the Pot


Spelling Practise

I Can Spell!


Where Do the Animals Belong?

Simple Machines