Monthly Newsletter

January 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and wonderful holiday with your family and friends! Happy New Year to all of you and I wish you good health, love, light and peace in 2020!

Our spelling program will continue. Students write their spelling words in their agenda weekly and we do a spelling activity in class to practice. Please take the time to ensure your child knows how to spell these high frequency words to assist in daily writing.  Our spelling quiz will be every Friday and if necessary on Thursday. Success will be noted in the report card under the categories of Language Homework Completion.

The following is a list of general learning areas for the month of January. 

Our Sk’s continue to explore letters each week using the Jolly Phonics program and have been doing exceptionally well as well as other literacy activities. The students are also exploring number relationships and some graphing and patterning.  

Religion/Family Life: On-going praying and special intentions, Prayer Journal, continuing to remember Jesus is always with us 

Language: Poems of the Week, daily reading and writing, reading responses, group discussions, show and share, printing and punctuation. 

Math: Daily weather and calendar, Subtraction and Data Management 

Science: hibernation and human body units. 

Social Studies: Our school community, neighbourhood buildings and mapping skills, as well as creating a map of our bedroom. 

Please continue to read a variety of literature with your child daily.  This will increase fluency and confidence.  Talking with your child about  books will further support skills and abilities.  

Thank you for your continued support.  

Yours in Catholic Education,

Ms. Moore