Monthly Newsletter

April 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

 Let’s hope that the month of April will bring us warmer weather and please remind your child to dress accordingly.  The students have grown such a great deal this year and continue to develop in all areas of development. You should all feel so very proud! 

Just a reminder that students are expected to be reading at a level 16 at the end of Grade One. Please continue to read a variety of material in order for your child to continue to grow in this area. 

The following is a list of learning goals for the following subjects this month:

Religion: Preparing and celebrating the Easter season and living like Jesus as we show love and care for all those around us

Language: Spelling, Poems/Songs of the Week, daily reading and writing, reading responses, group discussions, show and share, printing, word families. We will continue to focus on punctuation and ending a sentence with a period.  We will also concentrate on using the word “and” to join two ideas together in a sentence. 

Math: Linear Measurement, Geometry

Science: begin a unit of study on the parts of a plant and plant growth in the environment. We will also discuss Earth Day and how we care for the environment.

Social Studies: studying our community environment

I hope you all have a blessed Easter with your families.

Yours in Catholic Education,

Ms. Moore