Monthly Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians of these Wonderful Grade Ones! 

September has flown by and the children have settled in well to the daily routines.  It was wonderful to meet so many of you at the Open House and the students commented that they were happy to share their accomplishments with you!  Highlights from the month include the Terry Fox Run and our class finding out we are super duper good at making a variety of patterns!

During the month of October in:

Religion, we will continue discussing how "We Belong";

Math, we will start number relationships;

Language, we will continue to emphasize the correct spelling of our flash card and sight words, appropriate punctuation, and expanding our ideas.  We will begin to meet word families each week to help us in reading and spelling (e.g. words ending in "at" and "an").  Reading groups will begin this month.

Science, the Grade Ones are working on "Daily and Seasonal Changes” as they explore the four seasons.

Bookbags will begin in a few weeks, with parent information pages included in each bag.  Bags are returned to school each Monday and will go home the following day.  It is important to return the bags promptly so the next student can use it.  Please continue to have your child read nightly then check for understanding.  Ask your child what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the book as well as to describe the characters, setting, problem, and solution.  Any connection that your child can make with his/her life and the story should be encouraged.

Spelling will begin after the flashcards are completed.

Please continue to practise reading then spelling the weekly sight words, making sentences and adding new words of your own!  I am truly blessed to be with this lovely group of hard working students!  Together we form a partnership to help your child succeed.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns during the school year.

Yours in learning,

K. Lapierre