Monthly Newsletter

Merry December to the Parents of these Wonderful Grade Ones!

Please write a quick note in your child’s agenda if you read this newsletter. I will give him/her a Gotcha! Thanks, Kenzi's mom ... we'll see if we find more readers this month :) 

As the months continue to fly by, we find ourselves preparing for Christmas. It was so good to see you all at the 3-way conferences to celebrate the wonderful progress of these hard-working students. Your children were so excited to share their accomplishments.
Just a reminder that if you find something in the Scholastic book order that you would like to have as a Christmas present for your child, please write a quick note in the agenda and we can arrange a secret pick up at the office.

Looking forward to this month in: 

Religion, we will journey through Advent, learning the Christmas story and reflecting on how we can prepare our hearts during this beautiful season.

, we are investigating different strategies in adding and subtracting numbers. The students are quite interested in this and enjoy using the manipulatives and looking for patterns in the hundred chart! We continue to graph the weather and do our calendar activities daily to support our number sense.

, we will continue to practice our Wordwall words, vowel sounds, and punctuation in our everyday writing; retelling in order the beginning, middle, and end of stories; continue to meet “word families”, and review strategies when we come upon unfamiliar words when reading. Our reading groups have begun with great success. Many students are moving up reading levels due to their fine efforts and your home support!

Science, we are continuing the unit on The Needs and Characteristics of Living Things.

Social Studies, the Grade Ones are investigating their "Roles and Responsibilities" as it pertains to Christmas.

Please ensure your child is reading for at least 10 minutes nightly and understands what has been read. Connections between events in the book and another book or his/her own experiences are highly valued. I truly appreciate all your efforts at home reading with your child. Time is often difficult to find, but what an amazing difference it makes when a child reads nightly. Keep up the good work, both parents and Grade Ones!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with peace and love, as we remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!

Yours in learning,

K. Lapierre