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Week of February 5th
Published on Feb 4, 2018 20:54

If you would have some time available and would be interested in assisting us to cook pancakes for the students on Shrove Tuesday, February 13th, please call the school and leave your name.  Thank you

February 5th - 9th

Monday, February 5th -  Pizza Day
- Candy Grams on sale
- Solo Lunch closes today
- Primary Indoor Soccer at lunch recess
- Int. Girls Volleyball game @ St. Bernadette's
- Int. Boys Basketball vs Our Lady of Grace at home

Tuesday, February 6th - Sub Day
- Indoor Soccer at lunch recess
- Int. Girls Volleyball vs Romeo D'Allaire at home
- Int. Boys Basketball @ Ferndale Woods

Wednesday, February 7th
- Grade 1 & 2 mindfullness club at first recess
- CSCC Meeting @ 6:30 pm in our library

Thursday, February 8th - (Pizza Day)
- Indoor Soccer at lunch recess
- Int. Girls Volleyball vs Minesing at home
- Chapters Night for The Good Shepherd
- 5 pm to 8 pm
- crafts and story time

Friday, February 9th - Wrap Day
- Patroller Dance @ Terry Fox @ 7 pm