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Published on Apr 6, 2016 22:42


Due to the P.A. Day this Friday, we have extended our Yearbook deadline until Friday, April 15th

You can purchase your Yearbook online by clicking here.  Our Yearbook ID Code is: 12373716 or you could search for our school by name.  You could also send $22.00 cash or cheque to the main office. 

We are still looking for business/personal sponsorships for our school Yearbook.  Your business name and contact information (phone number, website, email and/or tag line) will be printed on the bottom of a page in our Yearbook (you can even specify the page you would like to sponsor, your child's school picture page perhaps).  Your information will appear as two lines of text.  You can return the attached order form and the $20 fee in a sealed envelope with your child to the office by Wednesday, April 27th.

Potential sponsors could include: restaurants, home businesses (clearning services, cake designs, daycares, candles and cooking supplies), retail outlets (flower shops, car dealerships), service providers (tax preparation services, law offices, dental offices, real estate), family sponsorship ("This page is sponsored by the Smith Family").

Thank you for your continued support of our Yearbook.  

Mrs. Smith