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Important Church Information
Published on Nov 27, 2016 23:55

 "First Communion/First Reconciliation Registration is now underway at St. Mary’s Church for all students Grades 2 thru 8. It’s not too late!
  -If you were unable to attend one of the three Parent Information Nights in October, please contact Mrs. Mickie Oakes, Pastoral Associate, at St. Mary’s at 728-2985 ext. 110, 
  before the Christmas break, to arrange for a meeting and to receive the First Communion/First Reconciliation package and Registration Form. 
  -If you have received the package, this is a reminder to submit your Registration Form by either dropping it in the collection basket during a weekend mass or 
  dropping it off at the Church Office. Office hours: Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 12 and 1 - 4:30 or Fridays 9:30 - 12:00.
  (Your child must be a Baptized Roman Catholic to receive these two sacraments).

 The deadline for registration is January 15, 2017."
"Church Tours for First Communion candidates and families: *IMPORTANT TIME CHANGE*
If you are planning to have your child receive First Communion/First Reconciliation (Confession) this spring there are two (2) optional Church tour dates remaining this week:
Monday, November 28th at 6:30 pm and *ThursdayDecember 1st at 7:30 pm(due to a school Advent Mass at 6:30 pm).
If you have not already contacted the church to arrange to participate in a tour simply show up in the church by 6:30 pm on one of the two remaining dates, and you and your 
child will automatically be welcome to participate in this group activity.
If you have not received the First Communion/First Reconciliation folder please request one at this time."

"Confirmation - Many have been asking...
Monsignor Marco, the new Pastor of St. Mary’s, has chosen to have the Sacrament of Confirmation bestowed on students, Grades 7 and up, in June to coincide 
with the feast of Pentecost. There are two ceremonies with Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick set for Saturday, June 3rd at 5:00pm Mass and Wednesday, June 7th at 7:00pm Mass.
Parent Information Meetings for Registration will be scheduled in the new year. 
Watch for announcements in the Church Bulletin, through a Parish Letter being sent home through the school and future eNewsletters."