Mrs. Hawksby and Mrs. Kendall

Loving, Learning & Serving God

*If you haven't already joined SeeSaw and viewed your child and his/her classmates during the school day and special occasions then you're missing out! Additionally we, post reminders and notes on the site. If you want to join and are not sure how or lost the piece of paper we originally gave you at the parent teacher interview then please feel free to write in the communication log and we'll explain everything. 

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  • February Birthdays
  • Brianna Feb 14th
  • Isabella 19th
    Caitlyn Feb 26th
  • Khaleesi Feb 28th

  • Reminders: The Kindie yard is wet and slushy and with the unpredictable weather please send your child to school with extra socks, mitts and clothing.
  • PM Levelled Reading books and Reading Logs will go home each week. Please return books every Monday and your child will receive a new one on Monday or Tuesday. Your child will be learning to read left to right, one to one correspondence, looking at pictures for clues, stretching out words (using sounds of the letters) Pointing to the bottom of each word with their right index finger. Looking for high frequency sight words like the, to, and etc.,

            Daily Schedule
        8:40-8:55: Drop student off at Kindergarten gate "Kiss and Run"
8:55  Sign-In/Printing morning message from white board
9:05-9:35 (Carpet, Attendance, )Mrs. Bayford Art/Music
9:35-10:25 Centers: A Days Alphabet games/activities, Math/Science B days) tidy- up and get ready for recess.
9:35-10:25   Gym (parachute play, centers (various activities,)
9:55-10:15 Tuesday's (Library with Mr. Tanguay) Return library books Monday please!
10:55-11:10  RECESS
11:10-11:50 Jolly Phonics/monthly Writing, or Journals. (If time, GoNoodle DPA)
11:50-12:20 Wash-up/Prayers and lunch 12:25-1:05 Lunch RECESS
1:05-1:45  Religion/Chapel (intentions, prayers, religious stories, filling each others buckets, I am thankful for...) 
1:45-2:25  **All other days Free Play/Dramatic Play (Grocery Store, Pizzeria, Vets   office), iPads, blocks, painting, art center, toys).
2:25-2:45  Snack (clean-up) and get ready for recess and end of day. **Tidy-up           and stack chairs.
2:45 Get dressed for recess and zip up bags
2:55-3:12 Last Recess  
3:15 Line-up walkers and walk to the gate to meet parents. Bussers' to follow after bus bell.

  • Classroom and school wide events.
  • Tues Feb 14th: V-D Dance 9:20-10:00 (dress in red, white and pink)
  • Monday Pizza
  • Wednesday Mr.Sub
  • Thursday Pizza Day
  • Friday Nicholyn Farms Lunch
  • **Please check out these fun learning games below, the children are familiar with them as we play them during the day.**
  • cosmic yoga (children's yoga)
  • starfall