Monthly Newsletter

Dear Parents of these Wonderful Grade Ones!

Yippee! We got up to FOUR readers for our newsletter in February! Fingers crossed we can continue to add to this number :) 
If you read this, kindly put a note in your child's agenda and I will give them a GOTCHA!

It's so hard to believe that it's March already and Lent has begun! Highlights from February include our super exciting 100th Day of school, as well as Valentine's Day ... and of course snowdays!

Looking forward to this month in:

Religion, we will begin to prepare for Lent, focusing on growing closer to God.

Math, we will explore patterns in numbers, and continue to practise our doubles and near doubles (e.g. 5+6).  We will begin to introduce word problems. 

Language, we continue to write and are adding more detail to develop our ideas. The focus is on organizing our thoughts, then editing our own work for capitals, periods and misspelled words. Students are excited to find and correct small errors in their work independently. Readers' Theatre begins with a focus on increasing students' fluency and expression. 

Science, the Grade Ones will complete their unit on "Materials" then begin "Energy in our Lives". 

Social Studies, we will investigate local communities. 

I hope you were all pleased to see your child's report card and celebrate all the good learning that is happening. Comparing their work from September to February is very exciting! Thank you for your time in reading nightly with your child and working through the Bookbag books each week. I hope Readers' Theatre will prove be a fun opportunity for your family.  

Yours in learning,

K. Lapierre