Monthly Newsletter

June 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

I know we often hear the saying, “Time sure flies by when you’re having fun!” But, this above quote certainly pertains to the way I feel about this year.  I have had such a wonderful year with all of the children and I feel so blessed to have such a lovely class filled with bright, beautiful children. Thank you all for your kindness and support. It is truly appreciated!

The following is a list of learning goals for the following subjects this month:

Religion: focus is on living like Jesus taught us to, as illustrated in all important parables. 

Language: Poems/Songs of the Week, daily reading and writing, reading responses, group discussions, show and share.   We are continuing to enhance our writing skills.  For example, including more detail in our writing, correct spelling, spacing and proper letter formation etc..

Math:  Mass and Capacity, review of fundamental math concepts taught throughout the school year

Science: complete our unit of plants, needs and characteristics, nature all around us

Social Studies: Community helpers, their roles and importance of them in our community

Happy Father’s Day! Again, it has been a great pleasure to have had your child in my classroom, and I wish all of you a safe and enjoyable summer! 

Yours in Catholic Education,

Ms. Moore