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Hope to see you there!
Published on Oct 6, 2016 11:46

Join us on October 13th at

The Good Shepherd Catholic School

for a MATH NIGHT with  Math Expert  Dave Mitchell

creator of ARITHMECODE

Helping Your Children Experience Enjoyment and Success in Math


Date: Thursday, October 13

Time:   7:00pm start

Location: At the school

Audience: Parents/guardians of students in grades 3-8 (parents of  younger

                students may also attend but most strategies are for older students

                in gr. 3-8).  Students are able to attend with their parents.

Cost:         FREE (hosted by your CSCC and funded through Parents Reaching Out Grants)

Topics:      ~ Ideas for enhancing basic numeracy skills and problem-solving

                  skills (songs, raps, puzzles, stories, paper folding, puppetry, math

                  sites online and other math resources). 

                  ~ Ideas for creating math-related discussions and activities at home. 

                  ~ The importance of working in conjunction with the teacher to

                  keep math progress on track

                  ~ The significance of math in each student's future opportunities in
educational and career paths