The puzzle files (#1 - #4)  are on Google Drive. Parents can click on any of those files using the links and should be able to print out any pages they would like to try. The multiplication songs, paper folding scenes and Math, Music & Mayhem scenes are unlisted YouTube links which are accessed by clicking on the links. 

The Math Adventures when clicked on,  parents will go directly to the files.
Files #1 - 8 are the ones for the 
exclusive use of The Good Shepherd Catholic School families under our agreement. 

Files #9 - 13 are information items which are there for anyone and should be helpful to parents and students.

Puzzle Files




5. Multiplication Songs:

6.Multiplication Songs - lyrics:

7. Paper Folding Scenes:

8. Math, Music & Mayhem Scenes:

Sample Solutions:

9. ArithmeCode Go Figure:

10. ArithmeCode Junior:

11. ArithmeCode Standard:

12. ArithmeCode Integer-Logic:

13. Math Adventures: